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Make It Work: 3 Home Workspace Ideas for any Budget


Depending on your budget, home size, and work style, the perfect home office can either be a double-duty space like a built-in, a full craft room, or something in-between. Having a durable, low-maintenance surface like Cambria means one less thing to worry about (on top of that to-do list and drawer of unorganized papers). We’ve picked three of our favorite home office styles featuring Cambria to help inspire your workspace.


The beauty of a built-in

These worktops can be in any room of the home: kitchen, living room, even a bedroom. Having a built-in utilizes empty wall space and prevents any unnecessary furniture. If you’re all about kitchen organization, then having a built-in desk space in the same room could save on time and space.

Cambria’s beautiful designs can be used in any room in the home, which means they carry style throughout the entire home with ease. The elegance of MiaMiaMine’s white kitchen featuring Brittanicca Warm translates effortlessly to a desk with backsplash to match. Incorporating a desk space into the kitchen offers a working, central location.


Brittanicca Warm built-in desk

MiaMiaMine’s kitchen features a Brittanicca Warm™ built-in desk and complementing backsplash for a luxury workspace.


For homes with children, Cambria makes a durable alternative to wood or laminate desks, which can scratch or stain. There is no fear for art projects or messy hands, offering a place for kids’ creativity to shine. This Torquay desk gives the look of luxurious marble with the parent-approved ease of Cambria. Keeping the cabinetry and desktop white allows for personalized art to be the star.


Kids room desk in Waverton

Kids can have a workspace in their room with a fun, customized Torquay™ built-in desk.


Defined desk space

Whether it’s a dedicated writing spot where your mind can be creative or a workplace for kids to limit distractions, having a durable and stylish work area can keep you motivated. You may want to add ‘working with a Cambria dealer on a custom desk’ to your home renovation wish list.

A Clareanne Matte desk area, with ample storage and open shelving offers a clean workspace with style. Clareanne Matte’s concrete look offers an industrial modern edge to this rustic space. With plenty of natural light coming from behind the desk, Cambria Matte prevents glare for uninterrupted work.


Clareanne Matte™ desk

This Clareanne Matte™ desk is efficiently placed in an unused corner of the home, maximizing on space. Design: Sustainable9 and Studio Grey


Using a hallway for more than just storage can be a unique way to incorporate a workspace into your home. This long Swanbridge desk accommodates two computers with drawers and overhead storage for a homework hotspot. White cabinetry and matching walls keep the space clean while playful geometric chairs add flair to this hidden nook.


Swanbridge™ double office space

A Swanbridge™ double office space is perfect for avoiding arguments over shared computer time. Design: AFT Construction, E. Interiors. Photo: High Res Media


Working rooms

For creative minds that can’t be contained, having an entire room dedicated to a workspace is the perfect solution. With all the benefits of Cambria, these stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces are perfect for craft room islands that can take a beating from countless art projects. For these type of spaces, work closely with your cabinet maker or designer to ensure space-efficient storage, like these in-island cubbies.


Ella craft room table

Scrapbooking, wrapping presents, or crafting with kids, this Ella™ workspace in Scott McGillivray’s home is built to handle any creative project.


Dare to dream in this darling designer’s paradise: a craft room complete with Cambria worktops. A built-in desk with gray, marbled Queen Anne, open shelving, and custom cabinetry keep things organized. Across the room there is a matching Queen Anne paint brush washing station to keep messes to a minimum.


Queen Anne built-in desk

Floral wallpaper and Queen Anne countertop

This inspiring office from John Kraemer & Sons and Laura Engen features beautiful floral wallpaper and Queen Anne™ two ways.


Work smart and work hard

Designing a home office to fit your personal needs, work style, and space size can be a fun and creative process. Choosing a surface like Cambria, that works as hard as you do, is a good place to start. Cambria’s innovative design palette has options for any style and gives you the ability to mix and match favorites.


Start by ordering samples, building a moodboard, or visiting our Home Office Pinterest board for even more inspiration. Want to share your amazing work space featuring Cambria? Send us an email at