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Selling Your Home: How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Sale


The kitchen is the number one room in the house when it comes to adding value, and it’s certainly the first room potential buyers will check out. A major overhaul might not be in the cards before selling your home, but there are plenty of small but mighty things you can do to get your kitchen ready for sale.

Brittanicca™ makes a bold statement

Brittanicca™ makes a bold statement in this warm and welcoming open-concept kitchen.

De-clutter the counters

When it comes to staging a kitchen, clutter is the enemy. Clean off your countertops and make sure they sparkle. Leave a couple of things on there for staging purposes (a stand mixer or beautiful wood cutting board for example) but get rid of everything else. And if you really want it to look as good as possible, make sure you have a Cambria countertop. Look for a color that complements your existing cabinets. The beautiful natural quartz countertops (with durability and easy-care convenience to boot!) will immediately impress buyers and demonstrate that the house has been well loved and cared for. Get more of my advice on kitchen countertops here.

Getting organized can make all the difference. Design: Berwyn™

 Take your kitchen to the next level with a simple sprucing up. Getting organized can make all the difference. Design: Ella™

Consider painting your kitchen

Not every kitchen needs to be painted before the house gets put on the market, but if your walls are dirty or grease-stained – which can happen very easily in a kitchen – you should definitely consider it. For the relatively small investment it can have a significant ROI. Need suggestions? Cambria offers a Paint Match Tool for all of its quartz countertop designs.

Cambria Paint Match Tool

Freshen up with a coat of paint that complements your design. Highgate™ goes well with a palette of neutral grays.

Tighten or replace kitchen hardware

Tighten any hardware that is even slightly loose. It seems like a small thing, but loose hardware gives an overall sense of disrepair. You don’t want potential buyers to question what else might not be up to snuff. Also, if your kitchen hardware is dated, consider updating it with something new and modern. Hardware is like a room’s jewelry. It’s meant to enhance the space and it can really improve the overall look of the room. Whether you’re renovating prior to selling your home or for your new place, hardware is one of the kitchen updates I always recommend.

Style open shelves

If you have open shelving or glass-front cabinets, make sure you’ve styled them. Arrange dishes, glassware, and whatever else you’ve got in a pleasing arrangement that doesn’t look too crowded. That said, make it look somewhat realistic by using your real dishes and glassware. Don’t just use accessories that look like they were pulled in solely for staging a kitchen.

Open-shelving design featuring Cambria Ella

Get creative with open shelving. The Happy Tudor displays both art and kitchenware with style. Design: Ella™

Control odors

Sometimes odors can linger in a kitchen, and that’s bad news for an open house. Do what you can to eliminate them by opening the windows, turning on the fan, and even putting baking powder down the sink. Then, if you really want to create a welcoming ambiance, bake some cookies or banana bread the morning of the open house. They’re very comforting smells that make people feel at ease.


Clean everything in your kitchen

A staged kitchen should not have a dirty dish or speck of leftover food anywhere in sight. In fact, it should be so clean that every single surface sparkles. And don’t forget the appliances! Clean the interiors as well as the exteriors. Lots of people will open them and look inside. If you don’t feel you can do this yourself, hire a professional cleaning service. It’s that important.

With these tips in mind, selling your home – with your kitchen as the star – should be much easier. Best of luck!