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Design Spotlight: 10 Cambria Skara Brae Spaces to Swoon Over


Have you set your sights on Skara Brae? This striking, sought-after design features robust, earth-toned veining with occasional interruptions of delicate black and white cross-veins on a bone-white backdrop. The organic flowing movement and captivating combination of tones give this bold countertop a versatility usually reserved for more subtle styles. With translucent taupe and olive veins, Cambria Skara Brae countertops can complement wood cabinet hues, pop against matte black, or add drama to an all-white space.

We’ve curated 10 swoonworthy spots that showcase how Cambria Skara Brae is the secret to an exceptional space, from kitchen islands to quartz backsplashes and more.

Cambria Skara Brae countertops

As strong as it is stunning, Skara Brae is a superior alternative to marble countertops. Like all of Cambria’s natural quartz designs, Skara Brae is more durable than granite and marble, resists staining and scratching, and never requires any maintenance.

Cambria Skara Brae design detail
Cambria Skara Brae™ design detail

Check out these 10 spaces with Cambria Skara Brae countertops, backsplashes, and more to ignite your kitchen design plans.

1. Cozy farmhouse kitchen with Skara Brae countertops

A Skara Brae kitchen island is the perfect focal point in this chic farmhouse space. The bold olive green and taupe veins in these white quartz countertops pair beautifully with rich black accents and pops of green. For a similar dark perimeter countertop accent, we recommend Blackpool Matte™ or Cambria Black™. A charming coffee nook, window bench seating, and vintage touches round out the cozy space.

Warm toned kitchen with Skara Brae island countertops and a chalk wall.
Farmhouse kitchen with Skara Brae island.

Love this farmhouse style? See Skara Brae paired with Ironsbridge in another farmhouse kitchen, including videos detailing the installation process. Plan your final kitchen look with these tips for farmhouse beauty.

2. Wood-and-white kitchen with Skara Brae

This breathtaking open kitchen pairs warm woods with waterfall-edge Skara Brae countertops for a spacious island design with an extended overhang for dine-in convenience. Mixed metal hues, including a trio of brass pendants and a chrome-detailed range hood, add a glamorous touch in this inviting, airy space.

Cambria Skara Brae in a white kitchen with wood island cabinets.
Stunning white kitchen with wood island featuring Skara Brae.

3. Modern two-tone kitchen with patterned play

This lake home kitchen offers relaxed and refined coastal style with a Skara Brae island with taupe-toned wood cabinetry. A coordinating wood range hood and pop of patterned tile combine to create a compelling focal point with the Skara Brae island. Cambria Black Matte perimeter countertops add contrast and create a cohesive look with the living room fireplace in this open-plan layout. See a full view of the living room featuring a Cambria Black Matte fireplace surround in our fireplace design roundup. Love the two-tone kitchen countertops look? Find more ideas for pairing Cambria designs in your space.

Weathered wood and white cabinets in a kitchen with Cambria Skara Brae on the island.
Kitchen featuring Cambria Skara Brae island and Cambria Black Matte™ perimeter.!/design/
Cambria Skara island countertops with view into the living room.
Space by: West Central Home and Surface Elements. Photo: Shrkfn Creative.

4. Contemporary high-contrast kitchen  

We love when kitchens break the mold with unique island shapes and this space does so in stunning style. A prep island pairs with an expansive waterfall-edge kitchen island table with seating for six. The perpendicular orientation of the two connected islands creates an intriguing contrast of Skara Brae’s movement. A Cambria Ironsbridge backsplash and perimeter lends an airy effect and allows Skara Brae to take centerstage. Get more ideas for incorporating a sleek quartz backsplash in your space.

Top view of a Cambria Skara Brae island countertop.
Kitchen featuring two-tier Cambria Skara Brae island paired with a Cambria Ironsbridge™ perimeter and backsplash.
Side view of a Cambria Skara Brae island countertop and Cambria Ironsbridge perimeter countertop and backsplash.
Space by: Dorothy Tsui, Bobeche Interiors, Quartz Concepts, and JH Kitchen Cabinets. 

5. Timeless white kitchen with historic charm

While small in size, this white jewel-box kitchen with Skara Brae overflows with character and charm. Designer T. Phillips was inspired by Skara Brae’s translucent olive and taupe veining, selecting it for the backsplash as well as the countertops for this historic home remodel. “Skara Brae has beautiful veining which is very much like a Carrera to me, but volumized, almost zoomed in,” he says. “It is almost like a topography map, if you will, [as if you’re] looking from space at water and different rhythms.” Mirror-front cabinetry reflects the beauty of the space and creates the feeling of more space. See the before-and-after and more details of the Skara Brae kitchen and coordinating conversation area.

A white kitchen with mirrored cabinet doors with Cambria Skara Brae countertops and backsplash.
Jewel-box kitchen with Skara Brae countertops and backsplash. Space by: T. Phillips of Latitude Design Group and Palmetto Surfacing. Photo: Callie Cranford.

6. Traditional kitchen with rich texture and old-world appeal

A Moraine edge profile lends rugged texture to the Skara Brae countertops for a traditional kitchen with old-world ambiance. Paired with a custom range hood, a Skara Brae backsplash creates a captivating statement and defined focal point. We love how the cross beams of the rustic coffered ceiling contrast the organic veining of the quartz countertops and backsplash in this character-rich space.

A full height range backsplash of Cambria Skara Brae and a chiseled edge island.
Earthen-luxe kitchen with Skara Brae countertops and backsplash. Space by: Doni Flanagan and Justin Doyle Homes.

7. Casual contemporary loft kitchen with Skara Brae countertops

Skara Brae’s rich veining pairs beautifully with dark-taupe cabinetry in this casual contemporary loft kitchen. A rolling kitchen island base offers a flexible alternative to a traditional kitchen island, pairing with wood saddle stools to lend a rustic-industrial vibe to this open space.

A sleek warm toned kitchen with brown cabinets and a mobile metal island with Cambria Skara Brae countertops.
Casual contemporary kitchen with Skara Brae countertops.

8. Contemporary studio space with Cambria Skara Brae Matte table

With a modern low-sheen finish, Skara Brae Matte brings statement style and a hardworking surface to The Frances Chicago. This photo studio and creative space benefits from the durability and versatility of Cambria, with the waterfall-edge table serving as a backdrop for product shoots, conference table, prep space, and more. Designs in Cambria Matte™ finish offer the same superior product performance as high gloss Cambria countertops, allowing for aesthetic flexibility in any space. Matte black pendants and sculptural seating complete the chic studio look. Find more ideas for Cambria furniture applications for the workplace and beyond.

An angled view of a table made of Cambria Skara Brae.
A Cambria Skara Brae Matte™ table is the focal point of The Frances Chicago.
Another angled view of a table made of Cambria Skara Brae.
Creative studio by: Stoffer Photography Interiors.

9. Glossy Quartz Retail Bar and Bench at Love Your Melon

Cambria Skara Brae is an integral part of Love Your Melon’s flagship store in Minneapolis. An eye-catching Skara Brae bench frames the bottom of the company’s statement beanie wall. “It captures your attention right when you walk in,” founder Zachary Quinn tells Cambria Style. Skara Brae is also featured in the office kitchenette and upstairs bar, adding a contemporary spin amid original building elements. “We set out to create a place where the historic building and new fixtures and finishes could interact. The line between new and old turned out beautifully,” says Quinn. Check out Cambria Style to see more of Love Your Melon’s brick-and-mortar space and learn about the company’s commitment to giving back. Discover more examples of how Cambria can elevate retail environments.

A retail store featuring a display with a bench made out of Cambria Skara Brae.
Love Your Melon retail bench and upstairs bar with Skara Brae.
A detailed view of a bar in a retail and event space featuring Cambria Skara Brae countertops.
Featured in: Cambria Style

10. Contemporary kitchen mini bar with Skara Brae countertops

This kitchen transformation turned a lackluster kitchen desk area into a fresh, fun, and functional mini bar. Remodeling duo Construction2Style has a knack for making a statement with tile backsplashes paired with Cambria, as in this combo of Skara Brae with a diamond and hexagon tile mosaic.

A before image of a kitchen workspace.
BEFORE A disorganized and drab workspace becomes a mod mini bar with Skara Brae and geometric tile in this kitchen transformation.
A kitchen and dining space bar with Cambria Skara Brae countertops and a backsplash created by Mercury Mosaics.
AFTER Space by: Construction2Style.

The intermittent dark and light neutral tones of the Mercury Mosaics tile add mod flair for bold-on-bold pattern play with Skara Brae. The floating wood shelves provide a place for dishware, décor, and a television—important for the lifestyle of the news-anchor homeowner. Find other ways to upgrade a kitchen workspace and more ideas for styling a home bar area with Cambria.

A kitchen and dining space bar with Cambria Skara Brae countertops and a backsplash created by Mercury Mosaics.
Kitchen mini bar featuring Cambria Skara Brae and Mercury Mosaics tile. Space by: Construction2Style.

Plan Your Space With Cambria Skara Brae Quartz

Has Skara Brae struck a design chord with you? While images can convey a lot, you’ll need to see Skara Brae in person to fully soak in the beauty. Order a sample and try out the design virtually in your space using the Cambria AR™ app.

Contact a dealer near you when you’re ready to bring your project to life. We can’t wait to see how you style your Skara Brae space—share with us on social media using #MyCambria.