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Top 5 Cambria Designs for Granite Alternatives


By: Scott McGillivray

I’ve made no secret of my love of Cambria. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or laundry room, having a durable, low-maintenance surface means one less thing to worry about. And not only that, Cambria countertops are great when it comes to return on investment. When installed in a well-maintained and upgraded home, they can actually help to raise its value.

When it comes to design, I’m a big fan of Brittanicca™ from the Marble Collection™, and I’ve used it throughout my own home. However, I often have clients who, while they want the quality that comes with Cambria, are looking for a design that reflects the look of granite rather than marble. For them I suggest one of these five granite alternatives.

Bellingham countertops

As far as I’m concerned, Bellingham is the most similar to a traditional granite look.

Swirls of black, tan, and gray are set against a cream backdrop creating a design that is both casual and elegant. This versatility means it can work in a variety of applications in just about any style of home.

Bellingham™ to stand out in this corner office space

 A simple color palette allows Cambria Bellingham™ to stand out in this corner office space.


Berwyn countertops

Berwyn is a heathery neutral with just a little bit of sparkle. With a lively pattern and soft colors, it has a slightly feminine aesthetic. I like to pair it with gray and white cabinetry. To keep the look soft, I would install either gold or brushed nickel hardware, whereas if I wanted to ground it and make it more modern, I would likely pair it with black.

Large Berwyn™ island

A large Cambria Berwyn™ island, perfect for prep and dining, introduces elegance to this white, traditional kitchen.


Crowndale countertops

Crowndale is not that far off from Berwyn, but its color palette is just a bit warmer. It has a very traditional granite look due to its speckled pattern of cream, beige, and dark tan. I would love to see it paired with dark walnut cabinets, or maybe even navy blue.

Farmhouse kitchen featuring Crowndale™

Warmth radiates from this farmhouse kitchen featuring Cambria Crowndale™ countertops.


Summerhill countertops

Summerhill is neutral, but definitely not subtle. While it’s made up of a delicate combination of cream, soft gray, and flecks of black, it has a bold pattern flowing throughout that really makes a statement. So while at first it looks like granite, you get a really unique pattern no slab of granite could replicate.

Summerhill™ showcased in expansive kitchen island

The bold pattern and organic movement in Cambria Summerhill™  is showcased in this expansive kitchen island. Design by: InUnison Design.

Wisley countertops

One of Cambria’s newer designs is Wisley, and it’s already one of my favorites. This versatile design is totally reminiscent of granite and it will add a modern touch to any kitchen. Personally, I would avoid overly decorative cabinets and fixtures and instead opt for something sleek and smooth so that this countertop can really stand out.

Wisley™ pairs well with warm woods and farmhouse style

Earthy browns and darker flecks throughout Cambria Wisley™ pair well with warm woods for modern farmhouse style.


If you love the look of granite countertops, but want a surface that is more durable and maintenance free for a lifetime of beauty, try these Cambria granite alternatives. Find one of Cambria’s many dealers or order a sample to get started on your next project.