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Top 10 Cambria Designs for Granite Alternatives


Seeking a granite look for your space but worried about the drawbacks of granite? Cambria is a smart alternative to granite, with beautiful natural quartz designs to suit any aesthetic and performance that no other stone can match. Unlike granite, Cambria is completely nonabsorbent, never requires sealing, and is protected by a Full Lifetime Warranty. Cambria’s design director, Summer Kath, shares 10 favorite design picks for granite alternatives.

1. Bellingham countertops

Bellingham is my top recommendation for those who want a traditional granite look,” says Kath. “Its beautiful movement and earthy tones make it casual yet elegant. And it’s so versatile, with swirls of beige, black, and gray tones against a cream backdrop. I love it with white or walnut cabinetry, but it can also work with grays, blacks, and range of wood cabinet styles.”


Cambria Bellingham™ design detail

Like the idea of pairing two countertop designs in your space? Bellingham is the perfect design to feature as an island, accented by a perimeter in a complementary Cambria design. “I recommend a rich gray like Devon™ to bring out the darker tones, or even the navy Hadley™ for a modern take,” says Kath. “For an airier look, try one of Cambria’s marble-like designs like Newport™ or Torquay™.”

13 Island ideas12.jpg

A Bellingham island adds sophisticated tone and texture to this white kitchen from Toronto Interior Design Group. Photo: Gillian Jackson Photography.

For another versatile alternative to granite countertops, consider Cambria Wisley™. A captivating neutral, Wisley countertops feature more tans and browns than Bellingham and subtle pinpoints of black.

2. Berwyn countertops

Berwyn is so chic,” says Kath. “It’s soft and sophisticated with a subtle sparkle. For people considering light granite countertops, this is a glam alternative that has broad appeal. The dense medley of heathery gray, taupe, and ivory tones make it perfect for a gray kitchen that won’t feel sterile.”


Cambria Berwyn™ design detail

While gray cabinets are a natural complement for Berwyn countertops, this design has endless pairing possibilities. “I also love how Berwyn adds dimension to an all-white space, elevates a rustic farmhouse style, and pairs with shades of blue,” adds Kath. “As for hardware, I like polished chrome or brushed nickel for a timeless look and matte black for a more contemporary feel.”


A light granite alternative, Berwyn countertops lend intriguing movement and tones to this traditional white kitchen.

For a similar look with warmer tones, try Cambria Crowndale™, which features a blend of cream, beige, and golden tan. “We’ve been seeing a trend toward warmer countertops and Crowndale would fit well with a greige kitchen or bathroom palette,” says Kath.

3. Laneshaw countertops

“Bold black and brown is back! Laneshaw is an oldie but a goodie from Cambria,” says Kath, “and I love to see designers and homeowners reinvent a classic.” This alternative to dark granite countertops features an intriguing mix of espresso, tan, and black hues with subtle highlights of white.


Cambria Laneshaw™ design detail

“As we see darker countertops back en vogue, Laneshaw has reemerged as a favorite of mine,” adds Kath. “It captures great depth, natural movement, and clarity we all love. I like to see it paired with cream or white for contrast, and dark walnut or black for a dark and moody space. Mixed metals are a stunning complement to Laneshaw as well.”


With swirling tones of dark brown, tan, and black, Laneshaw is a beautiful alternative to dark granite countertops. Kitchen by: MB Designs.

Cambria has many stunning dark granite alternatives. For a warmer walnut brown with softer tan and cream swirls, try Hampshire™. For more black with coppery brown and white highlights, try Hollinsbrook™.

4. Havergate countertops 

“We are seeing a revival of gold and rich bold patterns within interior design,” says Kath. “Havergate reminds me of a modernized granite with copper, gold, tan, and a cool pewter which brings the elevated, modern appeal to this design.”


Cambria Havergate™ design detail

Havergate pairs well with copper, a trend we’re seeing in décor and hardware,” notes Kath. “To complement the pewter tones, stainless steel appliances are a timeless choice. Warm wood cabinetry or open shelving is a natural pairing as well—perfect for a rustic-industrial kitchen or bar space.”


A maintenance-free granite alternative, Havergate is rustic and refined with alluring earth tones and mixed metal hues.

For similar tones but bolder movement, consider Helmsley, with powerful veining that showcases steely gray.

5. Praa Sands countertops

“I love the blend of warm greige and cream tones with cool grays and black in Praa Sands,” says Kath. “The tones and movement are inspired by the rocky coastline of southern England, and this design is well suited to a coastal-style space. However, the neutral tones and soft veining make it a versatile alternative to light granite for any space.”

Cambria Praa Sands design detail

Cambria Praa Sands™ design detail

“This design pairs well with the trend we’re seeing of light wood flooring,” notes Kath. “Greige, taupe, or gray-toned cabinets all work well with Praa Sands, but I also like darker cabinetry to complement the design’s dark veining.” If you have space for a kitchen island, consider a waterfall edge. “It’s a stunning way to showcase the movement, and you never have to worry about the durability,” says Kath.

Cambria Praa Sands provides a durable alternative to light granite countertops.

A durable alternative to light granite countertops, Praa Sands makes for a stunning waterfall-edge island in this kitchen from Coastal Cabinet Works.

For similar movement with warmer tones, consider Cambria Bradshaw™, a captivating neutral featuring a whirling fusion of taupe, tan, black, and shimmering copper.

6. Wentwood countertops

Looking for a granite alternative that’s a departure from the norm? With layered green tones accented with tans and subtle blue, Wentwood is the perfect choice for an earthy, unexpected palette. “Wentwood is one of our unsung heroes that I love to introduce people to,” says Kath. “The fresh hues like sage and pewter green add character and depth to your space without overwhelming it.”

Cambria Wentwood design detail

Cambria Wentwood™ design detail

“Green is an organic earth tone that can serve as neutral in interior design,” continues Kath. “It’s been popular for cabinets for some time, but it’s not the only place to feature the hue. The beautiful tones in these green quartz countertops pair well with other popular neutral hues like grays, whites, and tans. It’s a perfect choice to pair with the two-toned cabinets trend—either with a dark island and light perimeter or dark lower and light upper cabinets.”

Cambria Wentwood is a stunning alternative to green granite countertops.

An alternative to green granite countertops, Wentwood adds a natural ambiance to any space.

7. Summerhill countertops

“If you’re considering gray or white granite countertops and want something on the bolder side, take a look at Summerhill,” recommends Kath. Summerhill features powerful movement amid a neutral palette of soft gray, cream, and subtle black. “It’s perfect for a statement piece that’s sophisticated and timeless,” says Kath. “You won’t find a pattern this captivating in a slab of granite.”

Cambria Summerhill design detail

Cambria Summerhill™ design detail

“Summerhill is an elegant choice for a traditional or farmhouse kitchen, especially with white, gray, or blue cabinetry,” says Kath. “A contemporary pairing I love is matte black cabinetry for a high-contrast bathroom or kitchen. I’d also love to see it as a focal point backsplash, paired with a creamy white countertop like Weybourne™,” adds Kath.

A spacious Cambria Summerhill island and blue-gray cabinetry are the perfect combination in this kitchen.

A spacious island showcases the beautiful cloud-gray veining of Summerhill countertops and blue-gray cabinetry in this kitchen from InUnison Design and JK and Sons.

For similar movement but more prominent veining, try Cambria Seagrove™, featuring silver-gray veining and undercurrents of green. For a warmer-toned design with similar movement, try Cambria Beaumont™, with soft swirls of warm cream and beige accented with shimmering gold and crystal-white veining.

8. Blackwood countertops

“Whether it’s for a dark and moody bathroom or a pop of contrast in a kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a stylish black countertop,” says Kath. “Cambria has so many gorgeous black granite alternatives in the design palette, so it’s hard to select just one,” says Kath. “What I love about Blackwood is the subtle flecks of gold, cream, and blue that give it dimension. It’s classically neutral with a dramatic flair.”

Cambria Blackwood design detail

Cambria Blackwood™ design detail

This black quartz countertop design is a versatile option, pairing well with white cabinetry for a high-contrast style or shades of wood for a natural palette. “Blackwood is a great choice for many kitchen styles, particularly traditional, Craftsman, and midcentury modern,” says Kath.

Cambria Blackwood offers a sophisticated alternative to black granite in this traditional kitchen.

Cambria Blackwood offers a sophisticated presence as an island in this traditional kitchen.

If you want a more solid black, Cambria Black™ is classic and bold. For a black granite alternative with more movement and contrast, consider Sharpham™, a deep gray with white veining that adds drama while remaining neutral.

9. Pendle Hill countertops

Pendle Hill is a newer Cambria design that’s destined to be a classic,” says Kath. “Cloudy swirls of warm cream and beige tones make it dreamy and inviting, while darker specks add texture and interest.”

Cambria Pendle Hill™ design detail

Cambria Pendle Hill™ design detail

As an alternative to a light or white granite countertop, Pendle Hill can add character and warmth as a kitchen backsplash or countertops, make a serene backdrop for a master bath, or lend beauty to a laundry room or workspace. “Because of its neutral tones and soft movement, Pendle Hill can pair well with any color and pattern, whether saturated shades of green and blue with cabinets or the bold wallpaper trend,” says Kath. “Let your imagination run wild with this design!”

A Cambria Pendle Hill backsplash pairs with dark countertops and white cabinetry for an elegant neutral palette.

A Pendle Hill backsplash pairs with dark countertops and white cabinetry for an elegant neutral palette.

If you like the tones of Pendle Hill but want to incorporate some soft blues for a coastal nod, consider Cambria Montgomery™, featuring a medley of creams and ivory mixed with understated veins of pale blue-green and clusters of pearlescent sparkle.

10. Buckingham countertops

“There are many soft gold and gray granites that are desired for a subdued, warm neutral palette,” explains Kath. “Buckingham has just the right combination of soft gold, tan, white, and gray that looks great in so many settings. And a hint of shimmer adds just enough unexpected interest.”

Cambria Buckingham design detail

Cambria Buckingham™ design detail

“This design has great versatility and pairs well with almost every style of cabinet used today,” adds Kath. “Brushed nickel, bronze, or brass hardware all look great with Buckingham’s golden and gray tones.”

An alternative to gray and gold granite countertops, Buckingham is a rich and versatile granite alternative.

An alternative to gray and gold granite countertops, Buckingham is a rich and versatile design for a warm neutral palette. Kitchen by Mingle Design Studio.

If you like the tones of Buckingham but would prefer more of a cream base, try Cambria Windermere™, which features golden copper and gray accents for a light granite alternative.

Cambria alternatives to granite countertops.

Get the look of granite countertops with the durability, maintenance-free convenience, and hygienic nature of Cambria.

Elevate your space with smart granite countertop alternatives

If you love the look of granite countertops but want a surface that is more durable and maintenance free, try these Cambria granite alternatives. As with all natural quartz countertops from Cambria, these stunning selections ensure a lifetime of beauty for your kitchen, bathroom, home workspace, laundry room, basement bar, and more.

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