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Envision Your New Kitchen Countertops with Cambria AR™


See Cambria® designs on your own countertops, islands, and more with our Augmented Reality (AR) app. Use your device to scan the surface, then select the design you want and you’ll instantly see it in your own space.


Do you dream up a new renovation idea every time you set foot in your kitchen? If you’re not in love with your current kitchen, it can be hard to picture how your design ideas may look in your space—or even to see the potential a few key changes, such as updating the kitchen countertops, could make.

Picture this – new kitchen countertops

Enter the Cambria AR app. With just a simple image scan of your existing countertops and swipe through the designs on the app, you can see how Cambria countertops will look in your very own space. It’s great for trying out any design that catches your eye, and sharing your favorite looks with friends and family. Watch it in action in this video from Wit & Delight:

Video Credit: Cal Brue 

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Learn more about the benefits of Cambria countertops, and find out how the Cambria AR app helped streamline the kitchen renovation for the Elliot House, a historic home and rental property in Minneapolis on Wit & Delight. Find a design you love on the app? Get your hands on a sample – Order here.