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Mix and Match Countertops: 5 Cambria Combinations We Love for Two-Tone Kitchen Style


Choosing your perfect countertop color or pattern can be a tough choice, especially with all the stunning natural quartz designs in Cambria’s palette. The good news is, you don’t have to stick to just one countertop color in your kitchen. While two-tone kitchen cabinets have been trending for some time, pairing two countertop designs in your space is a fresh way to showcase contrast, texture, or complementary tones.

The most common way to do a two-tone kitchen is by choosing one design for the kitchen island and a different design for the perimeter. But it’s not the only way to achieve the look. There are limitless possibilities for mixing and matching Cambria kitchen countertops featuring different colors, patterns, or finishes. Because each Cambria design has the same superior performance and durability, including Cambria Matte™ finish, any pairing you pick will be luxe yet low maintenance. To help you get started, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite Cambria combinations for double the design inspiration for your dream kitchen.

1. High contrast: Wellington + Torquay countertops

This stunning pair creates high contrast through a unique island that plays off of the cabinetry. The dark brown and black hues of Wellington, reminiscent of wrought iron, contrast against the light, subtly marbled Torquay. This pairing of dark and white quartz countertops offers a chic mixed-material look for the island with the hassle-free performance of Cambria – a durable alternative to other natural stones like granite or marble.

Wellington and Torquay create a modern kitchen.

Wellington™ and Torquay™ combine in this sleek modern kitchen.

A two-tiered kitchen island is the perfect way to display this duo. Espresso cabinets play off the coffee tones in Wellington, while the creamy, marble-like beauty of Torquay keeps the space bright and open. In addition to the high-contrast countertops, deep wood tones, dipped-glass pendants, and a metallic backsplash give this space a Midcentury mod feel. For a similar look, check out this Midcentury Modern Masterpiece from Cambria Style with a trio of Cambria designs in the kitchen.

2. Regal sparkle: Minera + Annicca countertops

This unconventional pairing proves that two showstoppers can be even stronger as a pair. Each is stunning on its own, featuring hints of shimmer for an elegant statement. Minera shines in gunmetal and pewter with free-floating crystals throughout, while Annicca has a bold white marble look with gray veins infused with gleaming gold and purple flecks. The mixed-metal hues in Minera are the perfect complement to highlight Annicca’s regal tones. Together these designs have more than meets the eye, elevating a gray-and-white combo with subtle sparkle.

Annicca and Minera add shimmer to a two-tone kitchen.

Annicca and Minera add shimmer to a two-tone kitchen.

Minera™ and Annicca™ add shimmer to this two-tone kitchen featuring soft whites and blue-grays.

This space showcases the classic layout to feature two countertop designs: one design as a focal point for the kitchen island and a complementary design for the perimeter. Creating a bold focal point with Annicca makes this kitchen feel much larger and provides intriguing texture for the island. Minera serves as an elevated neutral that breaks up the white cabinetry on the perimeter. A contrasting gray paint color for the island further balances the space.

See the reverse of this look with a monochromatic island and a bold perimeter design in one of our favorite green kitchens from The Little Green Notebook, featuring industrial gray Carrick™ and marble alternative Brittanicca™.

3. Classic gray and white: Ella + Fieldstone countertops

In this elegant and neutral pairing, Ella’s delicate gray veining and light whitish gray backdrop pair perfectly with the dark, slate gray of Fieldstone. This combination offers high-contrast style that’s not as dramatic as a black-and-white kitchen. Against white subway tile, the Fieldstone perimeter catches the eye but lets the marble movement of Ella be the star.

A Fieldstone perimeter contrasts an Ella kitchen island.A Fieldstone perimeter contrasts an Ella kitchen island.

A Fieldstone™ perimeter contrasts an Ella™ kitchen island in this traditional farmhouse kitchen.


This farmhouse kitchen utilizes varying shades to update a gray-and-white palette. White subway backsplash and cream cabinetry achieve a clean and classic look. This allows for a pop of color on the island and mixed metal accents to shine. Ella’s marble look offers a luxurious focal point that fits with any space or style — check out our three favorite installs featuring this dreamy design.

Prefer a darker look for the island? See a statement island featuring a sophisticated granite alternative in this two-tone kitchen featuring Helmsley™ and Fairbourne™. And if you’re a fan of gray kitchen style, check out our tips for getting the perfect palette.

4. Bold movement: Brittanicca + Roxwell countertops

Larger kitchens have more counter space to play with patterns, textures, and colors. Embrace the opportunity to showcase two captivating designs like Brittanicca and Roxwell, with complementary cream and gray tones and powerful movement. The bold patterns of these two designs work in tandem with: Brittanicca’s marbled veining and Roxwell’s wave-like movement.

DPDSM Blog_Splurge or Save5.jpg

Two distinct islands featuring Brittanicca™ and Roxwell™ pair with layers of gray in this luxe open kitchen. Photo: Steve Henke.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, a double island layout may help you optimize your space in style. In this kitchen, the Brittanicca island serves as a prep space, while the Roxwell island is designed for casual dining. Roxwell’s shimmer is accentuated with metallic hardware and lighting. A Brittanicca fireplace in the living room bookends the open space and extends Cambria’s stunning design beauty throughout the home.

See another double island look with a warmer palette in this two-tone kitchen featuring Brittanicca Gold™ and White Cliff™.

5. Mixed finishes: Torquay + Queen Anne Matte countertops

Combining two different Cambria countertop finishes — high gloss and Cambria Matte — adds varying textures to your kitchen for a chic, mixed-material look without sacrificing performance. The subtle marble-like movement of Torquay makes it an intriguing neutral to complement the white veining of the velvety gray Queen Anne Matte .

Modern farmhouse using Torquay, Queen Anne Matte, and natural woods.

This modern farmhouse from Patti Wagner features Torquay, Queen Anne Matte™, and natural woods for a soft two-tone kitchen.

This gray and white kitchen is the perfect combination of rustic and glam. Queen Anne Matte is an elegant spin on concrete, with eye-catching marble movement for an island focal point. The Cambria Matte finish offers a low-sheen look that pairs well with a farmhouse table base for a softened industrial look. The high-gloss Torquay perimeter lends a refined aesthetic of pristine, marbled white quartz. The opposing textures of the countertops is just one of the elements of contrast in the space, which also features mixed-metal accents and gray cabinets paired with natural wood shelving.

Concrete alternatives like Queen Anne Matte are an ideal option to ensure your countertops preserve their beauty, as Cambria is maintenance free and stain resistant. Check out this Midcentury modern kitchen featuring Clareanne Matte™ to see a concrete alternative in another space.

These spaces prove that you don’t have to limit yourself to one Cambria design, or even one finish. With Cambria’s extensive design palette, there are endless ways to mix and match countertops to achieve a look that reflects your personal style.

Get started on your two-tone kitchen project by ordering samples of potential design pairings. Discover other favorite combos on our Perfect Pairings Pinterest board!