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2020 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Highlights


As one of the most recognized trade shows in the design industry, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, also known as KBIS, was the perfect place for us to celebrate our 20-year anniversary with the launch of—you guessed it—20 new designs. Hosted in Las Vegas from January 21–23, this year’s show marked Cambria’s 15th year at the show, scoping out numerous design highlights and connecting one-on-one with interior designers, fabricators, builders, remodelers, retailers, and showroom owners. We’re sharing some of our favorites from this year’s show.

Cambria—Be revolutionary with 20 new designs

We challenged everyone who visited the Cambria booth to imagine unlimited possibilities with our 20 new designs and to be REVOLUTIONARY. We showcased some of our most innovative applications and design techniques throughout the booth to inspire the conversation.

New designs redefine the white aesthetic in the Cambria palette.

We continue to be revolutionary with our industry-leading expansive palette, adding 20 new innovative designs. From redefining whites to stunning organic depth and veining, all of our designs are American made in our Le Sueur, MN, processing facility, and offer superior performance and quality craftsmanship.

Looking for the perfect marble, concrete or soapstone alternative? See all 20 new designs to inspire your next project.

Bookmatched slabs in new design Portrush™ at KBIS 2020.

Our booth’s reception desk area was a stunning display of our advanced fabrication technology pushing the boundaries. The desk paired two new Cambria designs, Malvern Matte and Whitby, thermoformed with a mitered edge, creating a sleek, curved surface on the front of the desk. The backdrop to the desk is bookmatched slabs of another new design, Portrush, creating a mirrored effect and the perfect look for a statement wall or island. See more innovative reception desk ideas in our reception design roundup.

We continue to see our product being used in unique and innovative ways: waterfall islands, full-height backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, flooring. See more inspiration in our Cambria: Not Just for Countertops blog post.

We take pride in knowing every aspect of this business and we have a strong commitment to vertical integration, which includes owning five fabrication facilities. This hands-on learning has helped us perfect the thermoforming and bookmatching process used to create the KBIS reception space. For more information on thermoforming and bookmatching, please reach out to Cambria Customer Care at 1-866-CAMBRIA (1-866-226-2742).

True Residential Refrigeration—Go big and bold

Cambria White Cliff™ featured in True Residential’s KBIS 2020 booth.

Stepping outside of the Cambria booth, we love to draw inspiration from Cambria installations throughout the show. First up, True Residential creates stunning American-made commercial refrigeration refined for the home.

For its 2020 KBIS booth design, True partnered with luxury interior designer Vanessa DeLeon to create a space that makes a bold statement with brightly colored appliances, like the yellow saffron-finished refrigerator (shown). Show attendees stopped in their tracks to take in the colorful, standout vignettes. Paired with the statement refrigerator and emerald green cabinets, the Cambria White Cliff countertops act as the perfect neutral backdrop for the colorful finishes. “We needed something crisp and clean, and White Cliff was the perfect addition to round out this space,” says Chelsea McClaran, True Residential brand manager.

Cambria Brittanicca Gold™ featured with True’s stainless steel Beverage Center.

As a contrast to the neutral White Cliff countertops, True also incorporated Cambria Brittanicca Gold as a statement island piece housing their Beverage Center refrigerator. “We chose Brittanicca Gold for our island in the middle of our booth because we wanted something bold and warm to complement our stainless steel refrigerators outfitted with gold hardware,” notes McClaran. “The veining in this design pulled out the warmth of our refrigerator’s hardware and was a true showstopper in our booth.”

More and more, large appliances are appearing in high-end residential settings, adding a personalized touch and luxury feel to the space. Different from commercial settings, residential spaces have more opportunity to integrate the homeowner’s personality in the space. True Residential is focused on creating a personalized experience for homeowners.

Delta Faucet—Making a statement

Cambria Bentley™ design on the countertops and backsplash in Delta Faucet’s KBIS 2020 booth.

Delta Faucet partnered with #DeltaDifferenceMaker and designer Avissa Mojtahedi to bring her detailed design work to life at the show. “Mixing everything is taking my design to the next level and allows me to create something unique and different,” explains Mojtahedi.

This kitchen features Delta’s Emmeline Kitchen Collection’s diamond-shaped spout and Cambria Bentley as a waterfall island and backsplash. The installation stood out at the show for the dramatic statement with captivating details like the green living accent wall.

“Delta has an assortment of products, and the Emmeline Collection is a beautiful solution for homeowners with various styles and budgets,” says Delta brand product manager Adriana Miller. “It can be paired with a multitude of design styles—from farmhouse rustic to soft contemporary—and balances an old-world chic aesthetic with modern technologies.”

GE Summary—Power of pairings

Taking home the Best in Show award from KBIS 2020, each section of the GE booth had a different look and feel. GE partnered with Cambria to create fresh and modern vignettes to showcase a wide range of products and pairings.

Cambria Delgatie™ featured in GE’s Classic Blue Kitchen at KBIS 2020.

With color in the kitchen continuing as a trend for 2020, we love the look of Cambria marble alternative Delgatie in this cheery and inviting kitchen space.

“In this area of the booth, GE wanted to create the feeling of coming home, complete with Grandma baking fresh cookies all day to greet attendees,” says T.K. Wismer, Department of the Interiors. “The two kitchens in this space needed to be grounded in traditional styling with a modern approach. The spaces were warm and inviting with a hint of nostalgia. We were drawn to the subtle mix of grey and caramel veining in Cambria Delgatie. The movement in this pattern is also really appealing to me because it is just enough to add interest without creating noise, which makes it ideal for a classic look.”

See more 2020 design trend inspiration in Cambria’s 2020 Design Forecast.

Café Appliances—Style, personalization, and quality

Cambria Highgate™ featured in the “West Village” Café kitchen at KBIS 2020.

Café leads the industry with a fresh take on modern appliances. Each showstopping vignette attracted attention for its Pinterest-friendly design. As the millennial audience reaches purchasing power, the modern take on the industry is a delight to see. Café interior designers highlighted recent design trends in the “West Village” Café Kitchen. The space featured archway movement paired with hunter green cabinets (one of the most popular kitchen colors pinned on Pinterest in 2019) and Cambria Highgate for a cool and calming space with understated elegance. In the “West Village” Café kitchen, “Cambria Highgate marries the look of traditional marble with industrial concrete, giving it an understated elegance that works with several styles and was the perfect match for this design,” notes Wismer.

Cambria Whitehall™ featured in the “Cali Cool” Café kitchen at KBIS 2020.

In the “Cali Cool” kitchen, we love the open shelving concept as a way to feature artwork and sconces that pair with Café’s modern line of appliances. The Cambria Whitehall countertops have a clean, crisp, and modern look that play perfectly in the space. Wisner says that the Café team “loved that Cambria has several white options because, although white seems easy to work with, designers know that striking the perfect note with white can be a challenge, especially when you are mixing materials and balancing light sources.” The combination of design details and fresh Café appliances make these installs a fan favorite for all remodelers and builders who value personalization, style, and quality in home design. See the moodboards to match each vignette on Pinterest.

Kohler—Sync your materials for a seamless space

Brittanicca™ paired with Kohler’s Graze high arched faucets at KBIS 2020.

Kohler continues to push boundaries in the kitchen and bath industry, whether with its voice-activated showers or with the customization and personalization options in the kitchen. The Kohler Graze high arched faucets offer homeowners a variety of water sprays to switch between depending on their needs. While this feature isn’t new, the faucet design paired with function makes for a happy homeowner. Users can choose a strong force to clean dishes and the sink, an aerated flow for speedy filling of pots and pitchers, and a light spray for gentle cleaning.

Kohler’s customizable farmhouse sink inserts were a favorite of ours from last year’s show. We love how they promote freedom in choice to coordinate with the surrounding design and were excited to see these make another appearance at KBIS 2020 with a new twist. Homeowners now have the option to insert their own material in the apron or choose from the six panel designs offered by Kohler for an easy start.

We’re already looking forward to KBIS 2021 in Orlando, Florida, next February. Will we see you there? Please share your favorite images from the Cambria booth tagging #MyCambria on social media. Want one of these looks in your space? Order a sample or find a Cambria dealer near you to get started.